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The Extended Point – Posara Brush

Having listened to renowned watercolourist, Sandra Strohschein, we have created a beautiful extended point brush. Acting as a rigger, but with a reservoir ‘belly’, the Posara Brush will soon become a favourite.

It was such a joy this year to introduce a new brush into my set. Developed specifically by Rosemary at my request, I now have a new rigger that by design holds a great deal of water and pigment at the base, which allows me to carry a line forever. I expected a great rigger from this, but did not expect that this size 8 rigger had the capability of painting entire paintings all on its own.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Fig. 1. I laid in all of the basic underpainting washes by using the side of my brush and gently pressing.

Fig. 1. I laid in all of the basic underpainting washes by using the side of my brush and gently pressing.


Fig. 2 & 3. I am continuing to paint using the side of my brush gently introducing medium shapes.


Fig. 4. This brings me to my favourite part of every painting, the calligraphy of graceful and endless line work. I use the tip for every line imaginable. In this case we have fine line shadow work from the grasses.

Earlier in the painting process I also used just plain water on the tip to stroke in transparent grass blades and also scratched some out with my fingernail. The blend of synthetic and sable allows for excellent drawing without the tip being too soft too!


Fig. 5. Here at the last minute I tried something new with my brush, I tried splattering with this long rigger, something I have never done before and was amazed at the result! Look at the tiny splatters within the grasses. I had not thought this possible with the Posara brush but it exceeded my expectations!


Fig. 6. My finished painting which is 9 x 12 completed with one brush, “The Posara”, named after the group which test marketed it in Italy with me this past summer.

Thank you to Rosemary and team for creating such an amazing brush.

The Rosemary & Co Posara brushes are currently available in four sizes (2, 4, 6, 8) on the shorter handles, but Rosemary is working on making them available in a sizes 10 & 12 by the New Year.

As always, we’ve worked closely with Sandra to ensure this range is something she can recommend to her students with confidence, and we know many other watercolourists will enjoy the extended needle point brush too.

Images courtesy of Sandra Strohschein.

To find out information on Sandra and her work please visit her website.


Pocket Brushes For Urban Sketching

As an avid urban sketcher, I carry my sketching kit and sketchbook with me everywhere, so it’s important that I have a very efficient, lightweight but flexible selection of tools and materials. Having a pocket/reversible brush (or two) makes a lot of sense as they are compact and well protected.

Rosemary & Co has a great range of pocket brushes and for many years I used the R2 Kolinsky Sable Round. These days my favourite pocket brush is the ¼” Sable Blend dagger (R13) because you can do a lot using this brush; the edge or full width is perfect for working in small sketchbooks.

When I travel (which I did for 8 weeks this year in Italy and the UK), I carry an A4 landscape sketchbook as I am sketching all day. My go-to brush for this larger size is the ½” series 772 dagger which I carry in a toothbrush holder – it’s the only brush I need. I work quickly and spontaneously. Most of my sketches are completed in less than half an hour (often only a few minutes). I don’t have time to switch brushes – I just need to pick up one brush and go for it.

My goal is to lay down bold washes with expressive strokes. I may come back and add a second wash wet-in-wet to some areas, but normally, I try to make the first pass do most of the work. Rosemary’s 772 dagger allows me to switch easily between drawing using its point and laying broad washes using it on the side.

The most important thing when sketching in watercolour is to have a very clear idea at the start of what you want to record on your page. Once you have that, just go for it, take risks and have fun!

Image courtesy of Liz Steel.

For more information about Liz Steel, please visit her website.


We Talk To Strada Easels

An accomplished painter, lecturer, inventor and world traveler, Bryan Mark Taylor is a true renaissance man. As a painter, Bryan has won numerous top awards in America’s most prestigious plein air invitationals and his work has been shown in museums across the country. He has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air, Southwest Art, American Art Collector and American Artist Workshop magazines.

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Your Signature Is Important

Signatures are an old tradition and date back to 176 BC. They were originally enforced to accept a marriage. In legal terms, the definition is “a mark or sign made by an individual on an instrument or document to signify knowledge, approval, acceptance, or obligation”.

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