"It's not just a brush,
it's an experience.
A ritual. It's life changing
and it's your life."
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100 Plein Air Artists Paint Cuba

In February 2016, 100 Plein Air painters packed their brushes, paints and easels and travelled to Cuba for the trip of a lifetime. This was to be the largest group of artists to visit this country as a group in history.

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Brush Reviews, And Advice – The Rigger/Liner Brush

Award winning artist, Kate Steenhauer discussses the importance of lines.

Drawing is at the root of Steenhauer’s work. Her style is quick with successive markmaking and intense and loosely-drawn lines amalgamating on the surface of each body of her work. As the fine detail aims to create character, gesture and movement, the overall design aims to evoke a harmonious atmosphere.

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Blog, Blogging, Bloggers!

You might be thinking, ‘What is a blog?’, ‘Why do I need to blog?’, ‘Who reads a blog?’ and so on. I’ve asked myself the same question a million times over, but the truth is it’s all about reinforcing your brand, and giving people who are interested more information.

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We Talk To Painter Roger Jones

Roger formerly directed wildlife films as a Senior Producer for the renowned BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, England for series such as The Natural World and Wildlife on One.

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Fleetwood Smack, FD 27 By Roger Jones

You can get a clue as to the origin or present home port of a fishing boat by decoding its official registration number, usually painted somewhere visible on stern or bow. Taken from first and last letter, PE declares Penzance, FY Fowey and so on.

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