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What is the Affiliate Scheme?

We’re always on the lookout for partners to share our brand and products with new audiences. Sign up to our affiliate programme and be rewarded when you spread the word!

Our affiliate programme is designed for Teachers, Social Media influencers, Podcasters, Bloggers and such. Basically, if you love Rosemary & Co – then this programme is for you!

In a nut shell, every time someone clicks through your link and places an order with us, you will receive a 5% cash-back commission! The same goes for if someone inputs your unique affiliate code at checkout. If you prefer the commission in brushes, we can offer you an extra 2.5% on top of your commission value! In other words you will gain 7.5% back in brushes!

To sign up and learn more, click here

When logged on, click on ‘My Account’ and select ‘My Affiliate’. On the affiliate dashboard, click ‘Share URL Links’.

This section is best for any individual brushes you may wish to share and will open the webpage that you want your followers and viewers to land on. For example the Ivory Pointed rounds or Set 65.

Step 1. Open a new tab and find the Rosemary and Co page you want your viewers to land on. Copy the web URL and paste it into the blank field on the ‘Share URL Links’ page.

Step 2. Click ‘Generate Referral Link’

Step 3. The newly generated link provided in the yellow box can now be copied and pasted onto your social media pages e.g. Instagram Bio or Youtube video description.

Each time someone clicks on this link and makes an order, you will earn the 5% commission providing they do not clear their cookies. The cookies will follow them for 90 days so even if they leave and come back to purchase, it will work on that order too. If they re-click your link, it’s resets the 90 days!

How do the codes work?

In the account dashboard, click on ‘Share URL Links’ to view your unique code. If you’d like us to personalise this to your company name or instagram handle for example, just in touch. We can do that for you with pleasure.

Tip: You will know that this URL is working as an affiliate URL if once you have generated the link it shows your unique code or name at the end of the URL.

This URL link is there to be copied and shared across your social media or on your website for example. Any visitor that places an order and enters this code at checkout will generate 5% commission for you or 7.5% if you prefer to redeem in brushes.

How do I check my statistics to see how I am doing?

Click on ‘My Credit’ in your account dashboard to view all the sales generated from visitors using your links and codes.

Here you can view your balances, total earned and total paid.

Please note we do not pay out commissions until the last Friday of each month and you must have a minimum of £25 in your available balance before you can ask for a withdrawal.

Can I join your affiliate program if I am outside the United Kingdom?

Yes, we distribute our products worldwide and we welcome international affiliates!

Brushes, brushes & more brushes!

How do I look after my new natural hair brushes when they arrive?

When you receive the brushes the heads are set with Gum Arabic. We use this serum for transport purposes and to help the brush keep it’s shape. Gently rinse this out under the tap with lukewarm water. Place the brush head between your finger and thumb to remove the serum. This comes out very easily.

Natural Hair brushes will have a smell to them that you and I can’t always detect BUT moths and butterflies can sniff them out so be aware. These insects like to bury themselves in to the brush head, chewing their way in and laying eggs on occasion. They then quite literally buzz off leaving you with a damaged brush which will shed hair in fragments and render the brush unusable.

To prevent this, place the brushes upright in a jam jar and in the bottom place some moth balls / lavender / cedar wood balls, this will keep them away until you have used them for long enough to have washed off the natural smell. This little tip can save you a costly brush.

Which brushes would you recommend for Oils?

We get asked all of the time for the ‘magic’ brush. Sadly, there is no such thing, though there are certainly plenty of options available. And although it’s difficult to recommend a brush to someone without knowing specifically what they are painting, here are some helpful guidelines I want to share.

My first piece of advice would be to buy the best you can afford. I can’t tell you how much you will appreciate a good brush, once you get hold of one. You must remember that the brush should be an extension of your arm. The last thing you need is for the brush not to behave how you intended. Secondly, you need to decide what you need the brush to do. This may sound obvious, but very few people are able to use the same brush for their entire work. If you know that you need a brush for – blending or softening your edges, as an example – that’s a start. Below I’ll try and break down the different types of Oil brushes available, and what you should expect when using them.

Another useful tip would be to figure out which handle length suits you best. Our shorter handles (also known as standard handles) are approximately 7 inches. The longer handles are approximately 11 inches, and are generally favoured by Oil artists as they allow better perspective. If you’re really daring, we do offer a 24 inch handle which is a technique old masters such as Sorolla adopted.

It’s best to separate Oil brushes into Synthetic (fibres) and Natural (hair) when trying to explain the differences.

Synthetic Brushes

As an overall brush, Synthetics are all fairly easy to clean, withstand a good amount of abuse, and they are relatively inexpensive. It’s also important you should understand that synthetic fibres have come on in leaps and bounds over the past 14 years, like many other man-made products and so they no longer hold the taboo they once had. If you haven’t dared to try synthetics in the past because you thought they were ‘student’ grade, I urge you to reconsider.

Ivory Synthetics

These are our most popular synthetic range for Oils. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are available on the shorter and longer handles. We also offer these on our 24″ handle length.

The Ivory fibres have been sandblasted with shards of glass, which make them firm, and wear down well. They clean really easily, and last a lot longer than your average synthetics would. The Ivories will be a good work horse for you, and many of the leading artists all over the world consider these their go-to brushes. We highly recommend the Ivories for water-mixable oils too.

The Ivory is synthetic bristle at its best, a cross between the feel of nylon and hog bristle. They are 100% synthetic and vegan-friendly.

Evergreen Synthetics

The Evergreen Synthetics are a newer range for Rosemary & Co. We developed these as a present for some of our top artists several Christmases ago. Their feedback, “PLEASE! Introduce this range!”… and we’ve never looked back… The Evergreen range are so popular.

They are literally the Ivory brushes dyed Green (for Christmas!). It’s quite remarkable how the dye completely changed the temperament of the brush. The Evergreen’s are slightly softer than the Ivories, but still have a good snap. I’d recommend trying one alongside an Ivory brush, you’ll feel the difference. Similarly, they clean well, withstand a good amount of abuse, and are inexpensive. They are 100% synthetic and vegan-friendly.

Eclipse Synthetics

The Eclipse Synthetics are a synthetic mongoose, which is designed to mimic the real thing.

They have more spring then their natural companion (Masters Choice). They are softer than the Ivories, Shiraz and the Evergreens. This fibre would be ideal for blending and softening work. Most folks enjoy them for Alla Prima and for the final finishes on their paintings. They are particularly favoured amongst portrait artists too. The Eclipse have been dyed four times to look like the mongoose, and again, the dye does make them feel different than the other synthetics available.

They are 100% synthetic and vegan-friendly.

Shiraz Synthetics

The Shiraz synthetics are ideal for Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours. They are also popular for water-mixable Oils.

This range has an excellent ‘snap’ and ‘spring’ to them, with paramount resilience and durability. They are extremely versatile which makes them ideal for use with any medium. Again, they are easy to clean, and hold their shape well.

They are 100% synthetic and vegan-friendly.

Natural Hair Brushes

As a general rule Natural hair brushes are more expensive than the Synthetic brushes. They are also usually softer, and the hair will wear down more quickly with these. However, some of the marks you can gain from a natural hair brush just simply can’t be achieved with a synthetic brush.

Masters Choice

The Masters Choice brushes are our most popular natural hair brushes.

They are a unique blend of badger hairs (once were the mongoose hair). They are absolutely brilliant for alla prima work, allowing you to work ‘wet on wet’ without pulling the paint away. The hair is responsive and firm, yet gives almost a velvet feel. They are ideal for adding highlights and tonal values. They are resilient, and will wear down well.

Pure Red Sable

The Pure Red Sable are a treat for Oil artists.

They are a brilliant choice if flexibility is needed. You can get precision with the Red Sable, as well as it being a good blocking-in brush, particularly in the larger sizes. If you can afford to try the Sables, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.


The Ebony range is a blend of natural hairs, which closely mimic the Sable, just at a lower cost.

They are a little unsung gem. Literally everyone I speak to who has tried these always asks why they are not more popular. I think the reason being, that we only offer them in a couple of shapes. This range is strong enough to work with oil, but has a good softness for blending. I’m sure this range would become a favourite if you were try try them.

Ultimate Bristle

We offer lots of different bristle brushes, however the Ultimate range have received some excellent feedback.

The interlocked bristle brushes offer the artist a traditional brush but with double the interlock. We take two equal amounts of best quality Chinese bristle and set them opposite each other so that the natural curve is facing inwards.The bristle is selected in length and size to enable perfect balance. Although labour intensive, this gives the artist a hard wearing brush which keeps its shape for a very long time. Easy to clean and a good performer. They are currently available on both the long and short handles.

Classic Bristle

The Classic Bristle is slightly different to the Ultimate Bristle.


The Classic is a blend of 90% Bristle, 10% synthetic. This blend allows the bristle to clean easily, and wear down a little better. A long awaited range designed for the traditional oil painter who likes the feel of a bristle brush and the brush mark achieved but doesn’t like the durability and the way bristle can sometimes ‘splay’. This blend of bristle and strong synthetic is ‘interlocked’ allowing the brush to retain it’s original shape for much longer.


I hope this has been insightful to break the ranges down. There are lots more I could have talked about, but I think the above are really key for getting to know the differences. I made up three assortment brush sets sets which give a taster into the different ranges. They are a good set if you want to try the different hairs and fibres but the same shape. You can view these sets on our website.

And finally, there’s cleaning your Oil brushes. For now, all I will say is make sure you do clean them well. There’s a lot of advice out there (and maybe people would like me to write a post about that some time too?). It seems such a shame, and a waste of hard earned money, to have such beautiful brushes and be hindered by the fact they’re not cleaned properly. If you ever need some more help or advice, know that we are a small company and we are real people. I’m always there to try and answer any questions you may have about brushes. I’d like to sign off this post by offering you a free mail order catalogue. In there, all of the brushes have been photographed actual size. That’s really useful since there’s no universal brush size across the different companies, sadly. There’s also heaps of information in there should you wish to know more.

How would you recommend cleaning your brushes?

We often get asked what the best way to clean your brushes is. Truthfully, there are so many different ways and it really does depend on which medium you’re using, how often you use your brushes, whether you are in a rush or whether you have time to clean them thoroughly.

In short, there’s a million and one ways, so here are some tips as a basic rule, rest assured over time you’ll find your own neat way to do things. The main thing to remember is that cleaning your brushes is an important investment both of your time and your money. The more you look after your tools, the better they will serve you.

Watercolour Brushes

Cleaning watercolour brushes is easy! Grab your brushes and head to the sink. You can hold them under the tap and let the pigment wash off them with the flow of the water. Get yourself a bar of soap and use the palm of your hand to gently wipe the brushes back and forth to ensure they are clean throughout. Squeeze the water out of the brush and reshape them. Store upright and condition them from time to time. Easy peasy.

Acrylic Brushes

You must ensure to clean your Acrylic brushes in-between each use; not doing so will allow the Acrylic paint to harden the bristles or fibres and bond them together.
We recommend Synthetic brushes over Natural Hair brushes as a general rule since they withstand the abuse of Acrylic paint and they clean more easily. You must not let the Acrylic paint dry on your brush as this is really difficult to get out. Grab a rag or kitchen towel and wipe away any excess paint from your brush to begin with; this will make the washing process faster and easier. Thoroughly rinse the brush with water and wipe the brush in your palm to get the paint out. You can use soap to speed this process and condition your brushes.

Oil Brushes

Start with wiping your brushes on a rag or paper towel. As brush makers, we do not endorse mineral spirits, non-odourless spirits or solvents. We recommend Oil to clean Oil. In short, you need a lighter oil than the oil you are painting with to clean your brush. You can use Linseed Oil, Vegetable Oil and more. The oil conditions your brushes too.

To clean them thoroughly you can use a dish soap (in England we call it fairy liquid), or overseas you may have Murphys Oil Soap or Dawn.

A good tip is not to load the brush right down to the ferrule. You must make sure you clean the whole brush; not doing so will cause it to splay outwards. Be sure to reshape the brush once you’ve cleaned it through and a great tip by Richard Schmid is to fold card over your flats and filberts and clip a peg on them to hold them in shape.
Truthfully there’s a million and one ways. Everyone has their own way of doing things but I’ve written more specifically about our Oil Brushes in this blog.




No matter what works for you, ensure that you reshape your brushes to the way they first looked when you bought them, before you let them dry. If you have round brushes with caps on them, we recommend to throw those caps away. The protective cap we use is for transport purposes only and unless you have brilliant eyesight and a steady hand, you’ll bend back the hairs each and every time you try to get the cap back on. You also stand a change of putting the brush away damp with the cap still on there, which can cause mould. Always leave your brushes somewhere they can dry completely (do not store them in an air-tight container before they are dry). Invest in a wrap or brush case to carry your brushes.

We sell Brush Holders for a few pounds to store your brushes upright in your studio. They are easy to assemble and inexpensive (Search BH50 on our website). Alternatively, we sell beautiful bamboo brush rolls and handmade leather brush wraps for carrying your brushes. Both of these allow your brushes to dry naturally and ensure no mould.

The colour of the hairs or fibres will change over time – this is normal and does not affect the performance of the brush. For any synthetic brushes loosing their shape you can hold them in just below boiling water for 30 seconds to a minute, this should help pull them back into shape.

Natural hair brushes can enjoy a treat of hair conditioner from time to time, soak them and leave them for 30 minutes – when you come back to them and rinse it out they should feel nice and soft again.

The best advice one can give is to ask! Ask your teacher and your art friends. If you find a way that works for you then stick with it. Just remember, your brushes are an investment and worth taking care of.


Are your brushes competitively priced?

I wish I had a penny for each time I’ve answered this one over the last 35+ years! By making brushes and selling to artists’ directly through our website, I am able to eliminate the ‘middle man’ or wholesaler. I simply don’t have the same expensive overheads as some of the larger manufacturers. I use the best raw materials I can buy and do not compromise on quality.

What size are the brushes?

Unfortunately, there is no universal brush size. Our brushes sizes are different to every other brush company out there, and also are not comparable across the ranges.
We have tried to measure all of the brushes and have brush charts underneath every range on our website.
If you notice any brushes without a measurement, please contact us here. 
Alternatively, we offer a full catalogue which we are able to ship worldwide free of charge. All of the brushes in the catalogue are photographed actual size, and will be a valuable tool for measurements and comparisons for you. Please fill out our catalogue request form here if you’d like one.
size chart

How do I know which brushes to use for my medium?


As a general rule of thumb the finest hair used for watercolour is Kolinsky Sable, followed closely by Pure red Sable, Squirrel etc. At the moment, there are some excellent Nylon fibres which imitate Sable thus keeping costs low. It’s not just about ‘snap & spring’ which are familiar terms but how the brush strokes the paper. Sable has the advantage of holding a huge quantity of liquid and ‘flows’ when pressed onto the paper. Some beginners/intermediates would choose Sable/Nylon blends or indeed 100% Nylon as the feeling of a controlled strokes is more prevalent.



Oils, Sable is a favourite but because of the medium’s heavy viscosity and rapid ‘clogging’ of pigment in the brush head, it isn’t greatly favoured by frequent users as the price is a high one to pay. There are excellent alternatives of stronger Nylon filaments to suit the oil painter and my ranges of Shiraz, Ivory and Chungking Bristle are prime examples. A popular choice for acrylic painters are also Shiraz, Ivory and any of the Golden Synthetic ranges. Masters Choice is also a real treat to use!

What is the difference between Long Handles & Short handles?

Our long handles are approx. 11 inches.

Our short handles are approx. 7 inches.

We measure the handle from the tip of the handle to the base/collar of the ferrule.

The size of the handle can vary depending upon the diameter of the ferrule.

We look to get the perfect balance of the brush.

Generally speaking, watercolourists use the short handles because they are sat down at a table, and a longer handle would usually get in the way.

Acrylic painters tend to use a mix of both short and long handles.

Oil painters in the studio tend to favour the long handle. As a general rule, Oil painters are usually standing at the easel and the longer handle length allows for perspective. However, Plein Air painters do enjoy the short handles for on-the-go pochade boxes.

In short, the handle length is your personal preference and in truth, will depend on what feels comfortable to you.

What is the difference between Kolinsky Sable Hair & Red Sable Hair?

Apart from the price (Kolinsky Sable being the more expensive of the two) – Kolinsky Sable has more snap and spring than the Red Sable. Both hold the same amount of pigment or liquid but the Red Sable does tend to wear down quicker.

In short: buy the best you can afford. I like to describe the Kolinsky Sable as the finest hair money can buy, closely followed by the Red Sable.



Why can't I get the plastic cap back on my brush?

The cap is placed on the head by us purely to keep the brush in pristine condition in transit. Once natural hair is wet it will swell and the belly will expand thus making it nigh on impossible to squeeze back into the cap. I tend to throw mine away and store brushes without caps as this will allow the brush heads to remain dry and ventilated, also this discourages any mould.

Please note, all of our protective caps are 100% recyclable.

My Synthetic brush has curled at the tip. What can I do?

It is important to know before we discuss this further that synthetic fibres wear out and natural hair brushes wear down. The reason for curling at the ends of the brush can be down to several factors:

  1. The surface you are painting on.
  2. The surface that you are mixing your paint on.
  3. Your technique. e.g if you ‘scrub’ with your brushes, this will wear them out. This causes friction and thus the hairs to splay/curl.


You could try the ‘boiling water’ trick. Carefully pour boiling water into a suitable container, immerse the brush head for 30 seconds to a minute then reshape and allow to dry naturally. This sometimes revives the twist or curl in the brush head.

How long will my Sable brush last?

Depending on how often you use it and how you clean and condition it, a good Sable brush should give many years service. Rough paper and cheaper watercolours which contain ‘fillers’ can wear down your brush. Remember not to ‘scrub or mix’ paint to retain good point!

Do you cut or trim the brushes to get a good point?

Ouch! No, No, No! The brush is formed in a ‘goblet’ (sometimes called a brass cannon) and tapped/twisted by hand. With experienced manipulation I can form a beautiful sharp point from the natural hair tips. As I’ve mentioned before, a smaller size brush would require the shorter lengths of hair progressing to the longer lengths for the larger diameter brush heads.


What is the protective layer used on your brushes?

This is a serum called ‘gum arabic’ which protects the brush head in transit. It can be easily washed out under cold water.

Gift Cards

Can I redeem my gift card towards a Rosemary & Co workshop?

Unfortunately not. However, you can use your gift card for any of the other products on our website.

How do I spend my gift card?

You can either use your gift card online through our website, or by calling us over the telephone (you would need to quote your gift card code to us).

For the website: Once all your items have been added to your cart, hit the checkout button at the top right hand corner of the screen as normal. When the “SHOPPING CART” page appears, enter your code in the box provided and press the ‘APPLY GIFT CARDS’ button . This will then automatically deduct the value of the gift card from the total in your shopping cart.

You can watch a HOW TO video here

TIP: Any remaining credit on your gift card can be used against future orders.

How do I buy a gift card?

We offer two cards.

Paper Card (which arrives through the post) & Electronic Card (which arrives via email).

You can see those here.


My gift card does not work?

If you find that your gift card is not accepted at checkout, please check the code you have entered and try again.

TIP: Please note the code is case sensitive.

If you continue to experience any further difficulties please contact us or call us on 01535 632666 (+44 1535 632666 for international callers).

Our office hours are 10am – 6pm (GMT) Monday-Friday.

Can I print off my own gift card?

When you order an electronic gift card this will be emailed to you. You can print this off if you have a printer!

When purchasing a paper gift card you will be sent this through the post, so there is no need for you to print it off.

TIP: If you wish to print the voucher yourself to give to a friend, enter your own email address as the recipient for the electronic gift card.

I have sent my electronic gift card to the wrong email address - what should I do?

If you entered the wrong recipient email address then please contact us immediately so that we can try and help. Unfortunately, if your gift card has been sent to the wrong recipient through your own error and has been redeemed, we cannot be held responsible for this and no refund will be offered.

TIP: Please make sure you are careful when entering recipient email address for electronic gift card.

What happens if my gift card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Please contact us so that we can try and help you.

What if my gift card is a different value to my order?

If your gift card is worth more than the value of your order, you will be able to use the remaining amount on the gift card on any future orders.

If your gift card is worth less than the value of your order you will need to enter your debit/credit card information at the check out to pay off the remaining balance.

TIP: Save your gift card code for your future purchases!

Can I cash in my gift card?

No. Unfortunately, all gift cards are non-refundable and are only able to be used on the Rosemary & Co Ltd website.

I would like to return something bought with a gift card.

If you would like to return something that you have paid for with your gift card, we will refund you back via the same method of payment.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

I have more than one gift card, can I use both codes on one order?

Yes! You can redeem more than one gift card on the same order through our website or over the telephone. Please enter your code in the “APPLY GIFT CARDS” box one after another which can be found at the checkout page.

TIP: You can use a code from a gift card and an electronic gift card on one order!

Is there an expiry date for my gift card?

No! We do not have an expiry date for our gift cards!

TIP: We’re nice like that 🙂

Can I use my gift card with you when you have a booth at an event?

No, we are sorry. The gift cards are for use over the telephone or the website only. We appreciate your understanding.

How much is postage for a gift card?

The shipping price quote will be shown at check out when you enter your Country.

Payment Information

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, BACS Transfers and cheques (UK Only).

To pay via American Express, you must select the Payment Method labelled “Paypal / American Express”. See the image below for details.


Can I view your prices in my own currency?

We have several currencies available for you to view our prices in. If you look at the top-right of our homepage you will see a flag icon – click on it and you will see several currency options. If you your currency is not listed please feel free to Contact Us.


I am outside the EU - Will I still pay taxes?

We do not charge UK VAT (20%) for shipments to countries outside the EU. Any taxes that appear on the website will be deducted from your order total when you enter a delivery address outside the EU on the checkout page.

However, we cannot be held responsible for any Tax or Duties your country sees fit to charge. For small orders generally speaking there isn’t any tax especially if you are the end user and not a retail outlet etc… if you are concerned please check with your own country’s authorities who will answer your questions accurately.

Shipping Information

What is IOSS?

IOSS (Import One Stop Shop), allows us to collect VAT on orders to EU below €150. The €150 net threshold is calculated before adding VAT and shipping. This will mean that orders will pass through customs smoothly and quickly and there will be no hidden charges. For EU businesses that are registered for VAT, we will send deliveries under the DDU service which means that our courier will contact you when the parcel reaches customs and request payment of VAT and duty fees (if any). In this way the VAT can be reclaimed on your usual monthly or quarterly VAT return. Please put your VAT/EORI number within your order notes. For private individuals ordering above €150 Euros – we can still send your order with a courier BUT we cannot collect your VAT the courier will contact you upon entry to your country and you pay them direct.

How do I find my tracking number?

In your account dashboard, under orders, you will find tracking information for each order you have placed.

You will also receive a tracking number via email when your item has been shipped.

If you haven’t received this, please contact us.

Tip: This will be shown on the top right of your order confirmation

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 16.49.03








Click to Enlarge

Where is my order?

When you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation email – at this stage, we are processing your order! As soon as your order is shipped, we will update you via the email address you placed your order with. Your order is fully trackable at this stage.

We endeavour to get all orders shipped within two working days or sooner (if you are outside of the UK, please allow time difference for our office hours).


How much does shipping cost?

This varies on which country we are shipping to!

When you come to place an order on the website, this will be calculated for you. This depends on factors such as weight & dimensions.

For more up to date information, please see our Delivery & Returns Information.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries in the world!

We currently do not ship to Nigeria, Russia, North Korea, Belarus and Ukraine.

Are the 24" Handle brushes available to ship to my country?

The 24″ Handle brushes are available to most countries, but due to the length of these brushes we must ship them only with DPD (UK orders) or Fedex (International orders).

Due to shipping constraints we unfortunately we can not ship to South Africa, Australia and Canada.


Can my billing address differ to my shipping address?


You can send an order to somebody else, or to a second home etc – you would just need to make sure you are using the correct credit card/debit card which is registered to your billing address.

TIP: If your order is a gift, you can select gift wrap & leave a note when you come to the check out!

Covid 19: Will this affect my order?

Updated June 2022

As a workshop, we are almost back to normal so business is as usual.

For more up to date information regarding Covid19 affecting shipping, please see Delivery & Returns.

Do you offer Next Day delivery?

United Kingdom (mainland) – We do offer DPD and DHL as an option, but your order must be placed before 12pm and is subject to stock availability. We are working on offering a Saturday delivery – watch this space for now!

International – (Outside the UK) – though we do not strictly offer next day delivery, Fedex International Priority should take 1-2 working days and is subject to stock availability.

My order is being held by customs - help!!

Only a small percentage of our customers are affected with customs and although this is out of our control, please contact us and we will do all we can to help you.

Why can't I order Kolinsky Sable brushes to the USA?

We are sorry, we can no longer ship Kolinsky Sable to the USA.

We do have several alternatives for you;
Pure Red Sable
Red Sable Blend
Red Dot Collection

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

We do deliver to PO Boxes however there are some restrictions. Fedex do not deliver to PO Boxes so please choose the alternative shipping method e.g. Royal Mail. If Fedex is the only shipping channel we offer to your country then please use an alternative delivery address such as your residential or work address.

For the UAE and USA in particular, please use Royal Mail for delivery to your PO Box.

Shopping Cart / Website

I just ordered some brushes just now but didn’t see an option to apply my “smart points”?

You will not be able to use the smart points that you earnt on that order against the same order. You will be able to use them on future transactions though, but just make sure you sign in so the website knows it’s you & your account. When you come to the check out, you will see you can “Apply Smart Points”. Enter the amount of Smart Points you’d like to apply, and you can go from there.

How do I add an Affiliate Code?

During the second checkout page, simply add their code to box labelled affiliate/coupon code as seen below. Please note this does not give you a discount, but it is recognition to the recommendation by the Affiliate and lets them have commission on your order.

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 16.27.39

How do I create an account on your website?

To create an account on our website simply click here, or go to the top of any page on our website and click on Register Account. 

You will need to enter some personal details such as name, email address and a secure password. If you decide to enter your date of birth, you will earn Smart points every year!

I have forgotten my password / my password is not working.

To request a new password, please click here, enter your email address and press the “submit” button. You will be emailed a link to create a new password.


My email address is not recognised when trying to reset my password.

If you are trying to reset your password and receive the message “Warning: The E-Mail Address was not found in our records, please try again!”, please double check that you entering the correct email address.

If your email address is still not recognised, it is likely that you do not have an account on our website. If you would like to create one you can do so on the registration page.


I have not received my new password after using the password request form.

Your new password should arrive at the email address you entered immediately after clicking the “reset password” button. If your new password does not arrive, please firstly check your spam box incase your spam filter caught the email. You might also like to try adding “[email protected]” to your safe sender list to make sure your email service provider is not blocking the email before retrying the password reset form.

Failing this, please contact us at [email protected], or call us on +44 (0) 1535 632666.

My email address has changed - how do I login?

If you have an account with us already and have changed your email address, you will firstly need to login to your account using your old email address. You may then visit the “My account” section of the website using the link at the top right.

Once on the “My Account” page, click on the link labelled “Edit your account information”. Here you can change your personal details including email address. When you have made the changes click “Continue” to save the changes.


I want to update my personal account details (address, email etc).

To update your personal details, firstly please login to our website. You may then visit the “My account” section of the website using the link at the top right.

Once on the “My Account” page, click on the link labelled “Edit your account information”. Here you can change your personal details including email address, name and telephone number. When you have made the changes click “Continue” to save the changes.

To change your address, or add a new address please use the link labelled “Modify your address book entries”. Again, this is found under the “My Account” section of the website.


How do I change my password?

To update your password, firstly please login to our website. You may then visit the “My account” section of the website using the link at the top right.

Once on the “My Account” page, click on the link labelled “Change your password”. On this page please enter your new password, then once again in the next box to confirm it. When you have entered your password in both boxes, click “Continue” to save the changes.

How do I logout of the website?

To logout of our website, simply click the “Logout” link which is found at the top right hand side of any page on our website. If you can’t see this link – you are not logged in. See the image below for more info.


How do I amend the quantity or remove items in my cart?

If you would like to change the quantity of items in your cart, or to remove them completely. You must first visit the shopping cart page. You can find a link to this at the top right of any page on our website – as shown in the image below.


update-quantityTo the right of each product in your cart you will see a box with a number and two icons next to it. To update the quantity of that product enter the number you would like in the box and then press the arrow to save your changes. To remove the item completely, simply click the red X icon.

The website shows "your transaction cannot be completed" when I try to checkout.

If the website shows “your transaction cannot be completed” and you are sure you have typed all the details correctly, this could be due to your bank blocking the transaction. This happens occasionally for customers who are overseas where transactions are flagged as fraud by the customer’s bank. You would have to contact your bank to confirm if this is the case.

Alternatively you could select “Paypal” as your payment method on the first page of our checkout. With this method you can still use your credit/debit card but you will be taken to the paypal website to make payment.

Can I add brushes to my order once if has been placed?

If you call us on 01535 632666 or email [email protected], we will try out best to get the additional item(s) added on to your order. This may not always be possible, though, as we aim to get all orders processed and dispatched as quickly as possible. If your order has been dispatched then unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

What events/shows will Rosemary & Co attending?

To view which events Rosemary & Co will be attending please click here.