I could hear the familiar sounds of a conversation happening in French behind me. As soon as I have a moment to let this wash dry, I turn around to greet a couple who have been watching me paint the Salute church in Venice. I make a joke telling them my concerns “why in the world did I decide to take on such a complicated subject such as this church!” I suppose Sargent was ripley inspiring me.

The intricate baroque architecture challenged my ability to simplify yet still capture the feeling of this ornate basilica.

These paintings are a visual journal not only reminding me of places I’ve wandered about the world, but more importantly recording all those intangible, unseen experiences that make up who I am. With each watercolour comes an array of interactions had with friends and strangers alike. These watercolours are conversations with ancient patinated architecture, the hammer and chisel of Michelangelo and Rodin, and the friend sitting across from me in the train as we journey from one side of Italy to the other. They represent visual notes of colour and drawing, providing a window into the way I see the world.

Each one of these pieces remind me of a time that I was fortunate enough to sit for an hour or two in the complete present moment. They show frustration, problem solving, joy, and triumph. Each time I flip through its pages, I am flooded by so many memories. I can smell the fresh rain in Venice or better yet the aroma of espresso wafting through its streets. I get to relive many beautiful moments that have shaped who I am and I am thrilled to share it all.

Richie attended Michelle Dunaway’s and Michael Klein’s workshops here in Yorkshire over the Summer! A new friend for life!

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