The Best Of Both Worlds – Flat vs Filbert

A new addition to our Ivory range designed by David Shevlino from the USA.

In Shevlino’s current work, the canvas has increasingly become a place to experiment with different techniques of paint application. He is particularly interested in exploring the line between the traditional representation of the figure and the abstraction of it, and his paintings reflect his simultaneous use of both approaches. His paintings are characterized by broad brush strokes, a sensuous application of paint and an obvious feel for tonal harmonies.

At the same time, the artist demonstrates a firm sense of control, tightening up the composition through his deft modelling of the human form.

“I wanted a brush that has the feel of a flat for laying in swathes of paint, but with slightly tapered fibres for getting a softer edge, the way you would with a filbert.” – David Shevlino

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