Introducing our Evergreen Synthetics


Recently launched, a useful edition to our extensive range of brushes. The green dye was originally an idea I had to compliment the Christmas season – green reminded me of holly and ivy and Christmas trees. We sent them out to various artists as gifts ‘tongue in cheek’ and they loved them.

This versatile fibre is similar to our popular ‘Ivory’ range but when we dye synthetic ‘taklon’ it slightly alters the feel and makes a subtle difference to the strength of the brush. This results in a good all-rounder which I’m sure will prove popular. Can be used with oils for that ‘softer’ mark and yet still has the strength to move the paint. Great with acrylic too. Cleans well and keeps a really good shape. Offered in all the shapes and sizes of our best selling ‘Ivory’ range and with the option of short handles for those who like to work up close and/or have a pochade box.

Whether you are looking for a size 3/0″ pointed round brush for detail and signing off, or a large 1 ½” brush for backgrounds and washes, Evergreen won’t disappoint.

The Evergreen Synthetics are now available on the standard (short handles), approx 7 inches and the longer handles, aprox 11 inches.

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  1. Susan Harrison-Tustain

    I have been using the Rosemary Evergreen oil painting brushes since they were first released a couple of years or so ago. These are my favourite oil painting brushes EVER! They have so many features that make their performance outstanding:
    – Perfect amount of flex that springs back into shape
    – I love the responsiveness of the Evergreen brush – it feels as if it is a natural extension of my arm
    – The fibre has strength and yet it is not stiff and unbending. Paint flows from the Evergreen brush creating a perfect and effortless application. There is no fighting with this brush – it deposits the paint beautifully – and where I want it.
    – The edges are sharp and remain sharp. Great for cutting in – great for everything

    These brushes sometimes surprise me as they have this morning. I have been painting the ‘suggestion’ of distant trees using the Evergreen dagger brush. It allows just the right touch. It is superb! So remarkable I stopped painting and started writing this comment to share the thrill of these brushes.

    I have numerous shapes – all superb:
    Rosemary Evergreen:
    Angular – superb – the fibre allows sharp lines and great cut-ins
    Filbert – a number of sizes – a beautiful brush for many techniques – great for nudging oil paint too
    Long flat – a number of sizes – I use many sizes from small to large. However I particularly love the very large size. Brilliant for covering large areas quickly
    Pointed round – great stamina – this brush – like all the Evergreen brushes can take quite a beating – but still remains strong and sharp. Like new!
    Short flat – a number of sizes – a great work-horse – brilliant sharp edges. More immediate deposit of paint than the longer flats. Love them both for different reasons.
    Dagger – a large and a small – love these brushes for sharp lines. The flow from these brushes allows beautiful suggestions of lines and trees . With a touch more pressure the brush creates a flowing ribbon effect – thin to thick – effortlessly.
    That’s it – back to my studio and favourite oil painting brushes!
    Susan Harrison-Tustain


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