Interview with Vladimir Volegov

When did you first start painting?

I started to paint and draw when I was 3 years old, but didn’t know that I would be an artist then. I painted unconsciously, on a subconscious level, on a whim. I didn’t try to do something like everyone else, I just expressed my feelings through painting 
and drawing.

Who do you admire in the art world?

Of course, I like some modern artists, naturally. I like those who in my opinion have achieved great results in the level of their quality. There are several whose work I would like to see; Jeremy Lipking and Bato Dugarzhapov. There is a galaxy of great masters including: Rembrandt, Repin, Sorolla, Zorn, Sargent, Boldini, Serov and Fechin.

What do you want people to think when they see your work?

I do not want to talk about something global or monumental through my work. For me it is important to show people the most wonderful feeling of beauty, nature, sun, warmness and tenderness. When looking at my paintings I want the viewer to think of their own memories, bathed in a positive mood of their own feelings and emotions.

Do you have a favourite painting of yours?

It is complicated to tell you about a “favourite painting”. While I create them, all of them are a favourite, each one is valuable for me, the most important is the process of creating…

What do you believe about your tools?

In my opinion, tools can not be borrowed, they love their host. As I like a quality instrument, I’m always trying to find the best and buying it.

If you could only have three colours on your palette, which would they be?

Ultramarine, ochre and kraplak.

When are you coming to visit the Rosemary and Co workshop?

At the earliest possible opportunity, without fail and very gladly will come to you!


Images courtesy of Vladimir Volegov.

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