Interview With Kathy Anderson

How long has art been part of your life?

It’s hard to remember a “start”. I’ve gone through so many stages – all the while keeping my easel painting going until I could finally devote all my time to it!

Who do you admire in the art world?

My mentors and dear friends Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik are the biggest influence in my path through the joyous life of art and painting!

What are your go-to brushes?

For now (as I am constantly rotating “favourite” Rosemary brushes) series 275, the angular brushes 1/4″ and 3/8″. They are firm enough to hold lots of paint, and keep a really sharp edge.

What are your three favourite colours?

YELLOW – for me a symbol of the sun making everything glow and grow.
GREEN – the infinite varieties, the 
cool greens and warm ones – the 
epitome of nature.
RED – from flaming poppies to deep earth tones, red tones are the center 
of everything.

What “must have” book do you recommend?

Definitely Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima – the one book I take everywhere with me! Any questions I have can be answered in this book.

Advice to both beginners and professionals?

It starts with a passion and strong desire to learn. The most successful artists seem to know on an inner level what they are drawn to, and want to paint. Technically, there is nothing more important than learning to draw. Study with someone whose work you love, study the masters, go to museums, galleries, and practice, practice, practice!

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Image courtesy of Kathy Anderson.
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