Guest Of The Month – Stan Rogers

Painting can certainly seem like a solitary experience. But it’s not. Because of people like Doug. Doug is my delivery person.

When he drops off my art supplies, or ships my work, I’m reminded that quite a number of people have a hand in the creation of each painting.

From the obvious, art teachers and artists past, to the obscure like Friedrich Stromeyer and Karl Hermann, the discoverers of cadmium, there is a long hidden list of people that deserve a nod of gratitude.

They have all contributed in some way a part of themselves into each work of art. People like Doug.

So, I would like to thank Doug…Although I’m not going to. My new brushes are supposed to arrive today and he’s late. Hurry up Doug.

– Stan Rogers

Image courtesy of Stan Rogers

Stan is a member of the California Art Club and has appeared in the Artist’s Magazine and South West Magazine, follow Stan’s work on Facebook: Studio ADR Artist