Friends Of The Month – Royal Talens

Royal Talens is a proud Dutch colour house in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. They have been crafting paints, such as Rembrandt oils, Cobra Solvent-Free oils and Amsterdam Acrylics there since 1899.

Since 1949, they have been registered as a Royal company, an honour bestowed by the Dutch Royal family to only a few select companies which exhibit the long standing values of craftsmanship, innovation, environmental and labour responsibility which set them as an example within the Netherlands.

What sets Royal Talens apart in terms of the products they make is the extra fine grinding, resulting in a rich buttery feel to their paints and allowing for very high chroma and tinting strength.

Because of this extra fine grind, they also have an expansive number of transparent colours, perfect for deep rich mixes and subtle glazes.

As a company, they take pride in the creation and production of each hand-checked batch of colour they create, ensuring that artists will have the consistent quality they have come to rely on. They have a wonderful team of folks working for them, of whom many we are able to call our dear friends.

Please visit their website at:

In fond memory of Don Nederhand, technical advisor and leading artist for Royal Talens who passed away suddenly in May 2015.