Friends Of The Month – Raymar Art

We met the mother daughter duo, Catherine and Emily Dietrich of RayMar Art four years ago at a California art convention. They own a wonderful family business that produces professional panels and panel carriers, based in Arizona, USA.

Catherine explained when her art instructor at the Scottsdale Artist’s School required her to make panels for her class she was shocked and asked “Why not just buy them?” Well, in 1998 professional panels didn’t exist. Artists made their own panels by cutting up canvas and boards and gluing them together. She had discovered a product missing in the art materials market and RayMar was formed to fill that need.

Catherine told us “RayMar’s mission and passion are the same: to supply you, our artist customers, with museum quality panels, carriers to protect and transport your art and an annual contest to showcase your work. Providing panels has led to exciting long term relationships with our customers and allowed us to feel personally involved in their careers. We also feel it is our privilege to create supports for your masterpieces.”

Emily explained the detailed process of making their panels, “Cotton or Belgian linen is mounted to hardboard, Gatorfoam or aluminium substrates. Only the finest quality materials are used along with a specially formulated pH neutral adhesive to bind the canvas to the substrate. RayMar’s unique feature is our exclusive gray melamine applied to the back of the panel. This balances the panel to prevent unequal stress to resist warping. It also protects the back of the panel against deterioration from environmental conditions.” She added, “Our attention to detail and made in America in-house process ensures every panel is of the same consistent high quality our customers expect from RayMar. We wish you happy painting!”

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