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We talk to Greenleaf & Blueberry

Greenleaf & Blueberry creates handmade materials and supplies for the travelling artist, including a line of artisanal handmade watercolours.

Their watercolours are produced by hand in small batches using muller and slab, ingredients of the highest quality, and natural pigments that can be traced to a geographical location and a geological source. Their line contains colours such as Malachite, Vivianite, Purple Ochre, and Pipestone. Each colour is a single pigment paint, and crafted to allow the unique qualities of the pigment to shine.

Their formulation includes natural highest-grade gum Arabic and local organic honey. They believe that keeping their colours as pure as possible reveals the inimitable characteristics each pigment naturally possesses. Colours are available in half-pans, full pans, and shells. They also produce travel palettes containing thoughtfully designed colour collections, watercolour brushes with intricately designed handles carved by hand, and paintables: digital projects to download, print, paint, and enjoy.

Greenleaf & Blueberry was founded by artist and adventurer Jess Greenleaf.
She brought on her husband Matt, a chemist and rock climber, to perfect their formulations. Together, they create tools and supplies for the travelling artist: colours from the earth, portable palettes designed as companions for adventure, treasures for your pockets and backpacks, and instruments for your imagination. They believe that creativity is an essential life-skill, for it is where dreams and reality merge. To paint something is to really see it. To create is to live life in full colour.

Images courtesy of Greenleaf & Blueberry. Please visit their website at:

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  1. Denise wynett

    I am a novice watercolor artist from America and have just recently discovered the Rosemary and Company website. I am so glad you are included in their article archives, and will follow your company as well. When I saw the name Greenleaf and Blueberry, I smiled just to imagine the wonderful products you must carry! Thank you, Denise Wynett


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