An Interview With George Gallo

This month we interviewed George Gallo.

Where do you most find peace when you paint?

It’s not a place, or a location. To me, it’s some form of appreciation of being in that moment. I think that the painting itself is a bi-product of just being out in the countryside and enjoying life.

How do you know when to pack it in for the day?

I love nature and being out doors. Plein Air painting is a true race against time, it forces you to stay in the moment, to think more clearly and more simplistically. Once you deal with the simple things the sun tells you when to call it a day!

One brush you couldn’t be without?

Rosemary’s Ivory Short flats! If you hold it dead on the canvas, you can get the sharpest edges. It’s a new find for me, and one I love.

How do you know when a painting is finished?

Da Vinci said, ‘‘Art is never finished, only abandoned’’. I’m never quite sure when my paintings are finished, but I guess when something goes off in your head that says ‘‘Stop, before you ruin it!’’, then you know.

What do you feel when you see a huge blank canvas?

I like painting large paintings for lots of reasons. Firstly I think larger canvases, especially outdoors, force you to be less precious, because the physical act of covering the canvas is so demanding.

If you’re painting rapidly because the sun is moving, you have to record and trust what you’re seeing. If you’re moving rapidly on a big canvas you get all kinds of energy and life that you couldn’t 
get otherwise.

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Images courtesy of George Gallo.