The Unintended Brush Mark – Eradicator Brush

A long sought solution to those unintended watercolour brush marks resulting from too much enthusiasm, haste or miscalculation.

  1. Use the brush when barely damp,
    not wet.
  2. Hold in a nearly vertical orientation and drag gently, but firmly back and forth along its’ long edge. (See photo)
  3. Upon first noting the removal of paint, immediately dab the brush several times on a towel (paper, etc) and recommence “erasing”.
  4. Rinse after 2 – 3 “erasures”, dab to remove excess wetness and continue.

Caution: Too damp a brush and/or too vigorous “erasing” may damage the painting/paper.

For smaller areas, use the edge of the brush in a similar manner. For many smaller areas (“erase” and/or highlights), try using Rosemary’s Shiraz Short Flat, sizes 1 and/or 2.

The eradicator brush evolved from trials between Joyce and Rosemary. A useful addition to the watercolourist’s collection and at just £9.50/$11.95 an affordable one at that.