The Next Generation Brush

The Eclipse Extra Long Comber is a synthetic fibre that against all odds performs like the mongoose of yesteryear – a firm springy base and a soft wispy tip that offers the flexibility to execute any style of painting.

The offset rows of hair provide a slightly irregular tip that can produce the distinct claw like brush strokes I have come to love in alla prima painting. A slight modification on paint or medium load and the end comes together to produce a solid paint stroke. The base of the hairs has a solid concentration, allowing for a heavy pick up to knock in those impasto accents, or firm pressure to lay down some dry-brushing.

The icing on the cake is that a synthetic brush, which has always struggled to produce the variety of spring from ferrule to tip, and the flexibility of irregularity/conformity of the tip, accomplishes all of this.

The synthetic hairs last longer, re-form and take more abuse than natural hairs, cost less than natural hairs, and no animal by-products are needed (for those animal lovers out there).

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  1. F. Earl Rhode

    Hello to Rosemary and Symi ! Simply sending a MASSIVE THANKYOU, as a guest, for sponsoring Tim Rees’ English Romp. Can’t begin to express my appreciation, to the both of you, for allowing us to invade your beautiful property, drive you nuts, I’m sure, with a million where’s and how’s….and being so gracious at all times.

    I will certainly cherish my hand made, Tim Rees brush set. Pleeeeeze let everyone know when you are crazy enough to have us back! Cheers!

    Earl, Chilliwack B.C. Canada

    • Symi Jackson

      Hi Earl, I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen this post. I’ve only just figured out how to reply to folks on the blog! I’m so pleased you had a wonderful time on the workshop. We LOVED having you all here. Come back and visit us again soon, you’ll always be welcome! Hugs, Symi and Mum.

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