Still The Best Value – Rosemary Talks About The Price Increase

There hasn’t been a price increase in nearly 5 years at Rosemary & Co. Our raw materials have increased in cost considerably, notably ‘fine hair’ which includes Sable and Squirrel; Goat hair hasn’t increased at 
the same ratio.

All our wood for the handles are sourced within the EU and are from sustainable forests which are monitored. This increases the price to us but we feel it is worth it to try and help do our little bit for the planet. There has been a considerable increase in fuel prices, which sounds ridiculous, but deliveries to us have reflected that too. Some customers who ‘travel’ will know this already when they pay for a flight for example and there is a fuel excess added! Even the specialist glues and resins we use have increased – we now pay £48 per tin for glue!

On a final note we remain the most competitive mail order brush company out there when you compare us ‘like for like’ to our competition. We are unique, we manufacture and sell direct – the key word here is direct. Every other brush manufacturer goes through a wholesaler, distributor, agent or shop, all of whom earn a percentage.

Thank you to our customers for your continued support. If you’d like the 
new catalogue, just ask.