Pushing Paint in Acrylics – The Quick Drying Medium

As a professional artist for the last 30 years I have painted many subjects, including portraits, landscapes and wildlife.

Recently I have found myself being more and more drawn to bringing the viewer in close, to show the beauty of nature and the wonderful wildlife within, whether it is the delicate petals of a flower, or the textures of a leopards fur.

I like working in acrylics as the quick drying time allows me to work in many thin layers. I only use artist quality paints and good quality brushes as you need to know they will do the job you require, sometimes it can take me weeks to complete a painting.

I use soft brushes to do my washes, and filbert bristle brushes when I want to build up texture in thicker paint. I have been using Rosemary’s Brushes for a number of years now and can highly recommend them, the quality is superb.

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