Master From The Past – Tamara De Lempicka

Born in Warsaw 1898, Tamara Lempicka is one of the most intriguing and captivating artists 
of her era.

Lempicka is commonly known as “the first woman artist to be a glamour star” and “the baroness with a brush” by many of the Hollywood stars. She was ever faithful to her convictions and unique temperament as an artist. Her work focused primarily on the implementation of the portraits, which were preserved in the cubist style of art deco.

The first of her works were presented in 1922 at the Salone d’Automne and they were immediately noticed by the press, this began a triumphal march to fame.

Lempicka quickly became a leading portrait painter of the aristocracy of Paris. During this period, Tamara was famous not only from her work – but also about her bisexuality and numerous romances. Many of her paintings portray countless lovers. Her paintings were defined with intensive colours, cubist shapes, lines and great attention to aesthetics.

The most famous paintings of Lempicka include, ‘Green Bugatti’, ‘Portrait de la Duchess de la Salle’ or ‘Portrait de Marjorie Ferry’ (amongst many others) sold for millions of dollars and are held in a private collections with the likes of Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Barbara Streisand and many other stars and art collectors.

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