Master From The Past – Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was one of the greatest Twentieth Century American oil painters and illustrators. Being an illustrator, he wasn’t considered a serious artist among his peers and the art world.

His art portrayed American history and culture. His paintings were rich in texture and evoked emotions. In 1943, he painted four paintings, inspired by a speech given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These paintings displayed four basic human rights. They were known as the four fears.

On December 4, 2013, Sotheby’s sold three of Rockwell’s paintings, “Saying Grace” for $46 million, “The Gossips” for $8.45 million, and “Walking to Church” for $3.2 million. Saying Grace was the highest paid price for a painting at an American art auction.

“The view of life I communicate in my pictures excludes the sordid and ugly. I paint life as I would like it to be.”

Fig.1 – Freedom From Fear.
This painting shows two children being safely tucked into bed by their parents.

Fig.2 – Freedom of Worship.
This depicts people from all walks of life praying together.

Fig.3 – Freedom From Want.
This painting displays a family enjoying a festive meal together.

Fig.4 – Freedom of Speech.
This exhibits a young man speaking his opinion even though he was the minority.

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