We Talk To Zest-It

Jacqui and her team at Zest-It are dedicated to artists painting 
in Oils.

As a company they stand for an ‘‘environmentally friendly, non-flammable, pleasant to use, biodegradable alternative to ‘turps’ and white spirit, made using the zest of citrus fruit for cleaning brushes and thinning paint, a much safer solvent for studio use.’’

We have stocked their products for quite some time now and love supporting a small family business like ourselves.

All of their products are made in-house and their products are endorsed 
and loved by many of the UK’s best 
Oil artists.


Zest-It isn’t irritating to the eyes or skin in normal use, although splashes may irritate, just like soap if you get it in 
your eyes.

Zest-It as a brush cleaner is kind to your brushes. ‘Turps’ and white spirit are known to ‘leech out’ the natural oils from synthetic and natural brushes, causing them to go brittle and dry over time.
However because Zest-It contains citrus oils, it helps maintain the integrity of your brush hair or bristle giving them a much longer life.


The Clear Painting Medium, (which is Zest-it and Linseed Stand Oil mixed) is ready for use. It enhances the flow and reduces the consistency of oil paint, it can also make the painting dry quicker. Very useful for blending and glazing without added varnish.

Click here to view our full range of Zest-It products.


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    What is in zest it beside citrus? Are there any solvents in the mixture? Thanks

    • Symi Jackson

      Hi Ellen,

      Thank you for your email. For direct questions regarding the Zest-It range, I would need to pass you over to their company. You can find more information here: https://www.zest-it.com

      I hope this helps a little,

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